In the summer of 2017, Akasha Marie launched NAKEDSWIM. Designed in California, Made In Bali. NAKEDSWIM was build with your body in mind. With different shapes, sizes, cuts and colors, every woman can find a suit on the site that makes them feel sexy, comfortable and confident- no matter how many tacos and margaritas you indulge in on vacation. 
When designing NAKEDSWIM we looked at our own bodies and thought "what would make us more confident?" That really led to the whole design process. We have a variety of tops and bottoms to fit and flatter different bodies. From triangle-cut tops for girls with bigger bust and push-up styles to give small chested girls a bit of a boost to high-cut bottoms to cover that sensitive lower stomach and low-cut bottoms if you want to show off your ASS-ets! You can mix & match different piece to fit your body and what you want to showcase.
At the end of the day, we wanted to make a difference. We didn't want to just sell pieces of fabric. We wanted to make sure girls didn't feel like they had to diet before a trip. Our suits are made with 4-way stretch Indonesian lycra to make girls curves look more enhanced to give her more confidence. There's something so special in natural beauty and natural bodies.
We want to represent those different body types and sizes.
The goal of NAKEDSWIM is to make everyone feel confident and comfortable in our suits. Self-Love is the most important love of all, so make sure you celebrate every inch of you!
Along with building confidence, 10 Cents of every swimsuit purchase from us is donated to the R.O.L.E Foundation which cleans up the oceans of Bali.